About Us

All our 18-card microgames use only 18-cards, 6-sided dice and coins for tokens. That's it! There's something beautiful about a truly minimalist microgame - they are simple, universal, and surprisingly robust. 

We also make a simple effort to keep our games positive. We're not interested games that center around lying, betrayal or killing. The world is full of this already. Just putting these themes aside creates the cause for very interesting alternative worlds to explore. It's like the 18-card challenge itself. One may ask, what can you do with just 18 cards? The answer: a lot! The results are amazing. 

Microgameo, the company, started with a quiet, inner challenge to make a game. It then expanded to include the inner challenge of fans that want to play too. It then expanded to include the inner challenge of other game designers under the shared Microgameo banner. It's like ripples in water. Look at the beautiful patterns! 

Whether you're a designer or fan, we're all part of the same ocean watching patterns dance across the surface. Playing games is part of that eternal motion. Let's play!