Progress Report - Return of the Mag Box

Sample Report

The samples from the good folks at Hopes Games arrived. Initially, we planned to create a magnetic flip lid box, then switched to a drawer box, the latter being slightly cheaper to ship to our customers. While we reached our goal of 20mm height with the drawer box, we found that the drawer slipped out from the sheath too easily. This is because we requested the sheath to be open at both top and bottom. We could close the bottom, but that is unnecessary, because when examining the drawer box beside the Magnetic Flip Lid Box, there's just no comparison. Luckily we decided to request samples of both just in case. The Mag Box is stunning. Here's some photos. Notice that Mag Lid lifting up like a DeLorean time machine. So nice.


Dinosauria magnetic flip lid box

Here's a photo of the winner posing beside the Poker Deck.

Dinosauria comparing boxes

We were delighted to find that the Mag Box can accommodate the cards, the instructions booklet, plus three 12mm six-sided dice and assorted coins.

Dinosauria box fits both coins and dice

So let it be known, we have chosen the Magnetic Flip Lid Box. The above box will be shipped in a small, yet sturdy, cardboard box at the rate we have already set forth. Nice, huh?! 

Post Sample Adjustments

Most everything was found to be in good order. Both boxes look very nice and professional. However we did discover 5 Core cards with green icons whose color differed from the rest. This was from the art itself and had to be adjusted. We have also made small modifications to the Mag Box and Poker Tuckbox, all of which are purely aesthetic. For example, on the inside of the flip lid, we moved the Mother T-Rex 5mm to the left. We also rotated the Egg Nest inside the box vertically and reduced it slightly. Little design aspects like that. 

We have requested another sample just to make sure everything comes out perfectly. The turnaround for this will be shorter than the first sample, but still around 2 weeks or less total. If everything checks out fine at that time, manufacturing begins.