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Announcing our new microgame!

Welcome to a world of floating castles, airships and dragons!

In MEGA Mini Dragons, players choose a dragon and interact with the merchants and regents who come to the valley to trade or beg protection. They come bearing dazzling gems, precious Dragonite or even a rare dragon egg - all being the preferred currency of the Dragon Lords. Gems are crafted into precious items like rings, necklaces and scepters. Eggs are hatched and the Dragonite hoarded. Dragon Riders accumulate these items to elevate their status in dragon society.

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Dinosauria Deluxe Edition

Our Kickstarter Campaign is complete and the retail version now available. Big Thank You to all our supporters.

It is the year 3000. You are a Galactic Paleobiologist of the First Strata. The super-Earth planet Magnus-3 has been seeded with millions of living dinosaurs. Elite Paleobiologists such as yourself are privately invited to shepherd true, living dinosaurs.

Dinosauria is a Solitaire 18 card microgame with an 18 card expansion allowing 2-3 players. This Deluxe Edition includes (Core) and the (Next Gen Expansion) bundled in the same box.

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Dinosaur Playing Cards

Dino Poker

Dinosaur playing cards featuring 54 original dinosaur illustrations by talented artists Noriko Tanigawa of Texas, USA and Angela Roach of Wales, England. 

A custom back design playfully centers upon a hatchling dinosaur eyeing a butterfly. Printed in rich color with a fine linen finish, each individually wrapped deck of Dino Poker comes packaged in a dandy tuck box adorned with T-Rex, the king of dinosaurs.

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